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We support anyone with a passion for glamping or an eye for an additional income. Our glamping site specialists are on hand to help you get started. Whether its understanding what’s feasible or moving your planning application forward.

We help enthusiastic potential glamping site owners to achieve their glamping site goals drawing from experience of setting up sites for ourselves and many others.

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Glamping Feasibility

Take the guess work out of starting your glamping project and get your road map to success.

Glamping Start Ups Setup

There isn't a better time to start a glamping business. What are you waiting for?

Pre-Planning Applications

Plan for a smooth project by submitting pre-planning before you start your work.

Glamping Marketing

Don't make the common mistake of not investing equally in your marketing and your glamping site.

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How we help

Our experience has been taken from planning, designing and project managing an award winning glamping site – NC500 Pods. One successful project has lead to completion of dozens of other glamping pod projects, from planning to execution we’re the UK’s only glamping design and implementation specialists. 

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What’s included?

Week 1: Welcome

Introductory session to help us understand the vision for your site, how we can support you and to answer any questions.

Week 2: Planning

An overview of planning processes focusing on pre and full planning applications, realistic timescales and a Q&A session.

Week 3: Marketing

Creating an effective marketing strategy to ensure the success of your business, covering web development, social media & more.

Week 4: Feasibility

In depth analysis to the feasibility of your site covering accurate ROI calculations and planning the steps for a successful launch.

Building on our years of experience providing design services to help businesses and individuals setup glamping sites, we have decided to offer a little back by introducing the completely free 4 week Glampitect Academy course. The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning a little more about the journey of setting up a glamping business from initial concept through design & planning to completion & launch. Note that due to high demand we limit attendance to 10 people for this course.

Our Glampitect Awards have been created to highlight the best of the industry. They motivate us and help our industry grow and excel year on year. Join us in looking to the future of glamping and recognising all the glamping sites and manufacturers who are leading the way. 

Calum Macleod
Co-Founder of NC500 Pods
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The 2022 Glamping Awards

You can't beat the glamping industry and we want to say thank you and award some of the best.

Best Glamping Site in the uk

If you know a glamping site that deserves this title - vote for them!

Best Glamping Pod Manufacturer

There is a lot that speaks quality in a brand when it's customers talk about them!

Glampitects Favourite Design

Design is key to a fluid glamping site experience - who do you think did best? Suggest them and our specialists will hand pick the winner.

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Why us?

We started our own journey as glamping owners and when we got busy, during our second season we realised how many other glamping sites might struggle to get off the ground. 

From lived experience and backgrounds in architecture, design and planning our team wants to make your glamping site aspirations come true.

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