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Turning unused land into desirable destinations.

We’re here to change the way that glamping is experienced as a business owner. Being glamping business owners ourselves, we know exactly how to do it.



Our hero’s journey started just as yours might have. We wanted a glamping pod site and didn’t know where to start. 

We couldn’t find a glamping site designer, we couldn’t find a specialist to speak to about our planning permission application and we weren’t sure how we were going to market ourselves. Sound familiar?

The experience of seeing a plot of land and being excited about its potential was too powerful to allow those barriers to stop our co-founders, Calum and Alisdair, so they forged ahead.

Unable to find any specialist designers or architects who really understood glamping, they had to find another way. And by leaning into their professional expertise, they managed to make it work.

One thing Calum and Alisdair understood from the start was the needs of their guests. They paired this innate knowledge with thorough market research to come up with a marketing strategy, which they implemented long before their site was ready to open.

After a steep learning curve, the pair managed to create an award winning glamping site. Calum, using his background in design and CAD, designed the site himself.

After gaining planning permission, they continued to execute their plans and opened their glamping site in 2018. Thanks to their early marketing, the site opened with a fantastic occupancy rate and has continued to attract guests from all across the country.

It was a real no-brainer to take the next step, which was using everything they learned while building their site to help others do the same. And that’s what they’ve been doing ever since.


Meet the Team

Award Winning Glamping Sites

Within 4 months of opening their first site, Calum and Alisdair won the award for the best glamping site in Scotland with North Coast 500 Pods.
Scottish Outdoor & Leisure Awards 2019
State of the Art

Glamping sites designed by Glampitect are among the best in the UK and this is only going to solidify as they complete more projects.

Planning permission case study glamping sites
The Design Process

Glampitect have the design process down to a fine art. They can help you from conception to completion, like they've done with many others.

NC500 Pods decking area and fire pit
nc500 Pods Home from Home

What better way to display your abilities than to design what you'd normally do for other people, for yourself?

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