Starting a Glamping Business

An Introduction To Starting a Glamping Business

Anyone with unused land should be easily persuaded that now is the perfect time to turn it into a source of revenue. Starting a Glamping Business on this unused land is the obvious choice in our opinion and there are some basic things to know before you get started. 

Glamping is new, exciting and is attractive to many as it allows them to be a fresh face in a newly formed industry. This is why many are flocking towards glamping and starting a glamping business. 

If you are looking to start a new business, and are unsure what niche to build it upon, then Glamping is a great opportunity for you. It’s fun, and lets you get creative with your glamping site (or how you manufacture them). Let’s take a look at starting a glamping business and what you may need to know going forward with it.

Knowing the Type of Glamping Business You Want to Start

Like with many industries, there are a range of different business opportunities for you to partake in. With Glamping, this ranges from manufacturing the glamping pods, to owning a glamping site, and many more options for you to choose from.

Owning a Glamping Site would have you renting out pods to holiday-makers or travellers, so this means that you would have to choose the right location for your site. This is a popular holiday option nowadays, so for many, this is a great business idea to get involved with.

On the contrary, many are looking to build glamping pods themselves, and assembling them for people. This is a great opportunity for those who are good with their hands, and want to build something for people to enjoy.

Glamping Pods with outdoor deck area and setting

What Property You Will Need for the Business

When starting a glamping business, it is important to determine what property/land you will need in the future. It differs between which business you are going to be making, so make sure that you are aware of the different properties that you will need.

If you are going to be owning a glamping site, then you need to invest in land. You will need a land permit for this, however it is obtainable and can be done. You can then use this land to place your Glamping Pods on for people to stay in and rent out.

For a manufacturing business, you will need to own a place to build the pods. This can range from a factory, to a warehouse depending on the size of your business and the number of pods that you will be manufacturing on average.

Branding / Location

These are important factors to consider for starting any business. Branding is important in this day and age, where people are booking their trips/ordering things from online. Branding ensures the people that they are ordering a product from a trusted and quality business. 

Location is important too. For a glamping site, you must choose a location that people will enjoy being around. For example: the countryside, close to the coast etc. People are more than likely going to be staying in these areas, and giving them the opportunity to stay in a glamping pod there will be a new experience for many. 

You must also consider the attractions and places near the pods. If there is nothing for people to do, then what reason would they have to stay there? Choose an area that has pubs, restaurants, and fun things for families to do as it will attract many tourists who many have not been initially attracted to Glamping.

Dawn on banks of mountain river

We can help you with Starting a Glamping Business…

As we manage glamping companies ourselves, we have expertise in starting a glamping business. We can help you make the decisions that you are unsure about, and can inform you on things that you may not know.

Our guide to starting a glamping business is free on our website, and can help inform you on all there is to know when starting your business. You can download it by entering your email address into the website.

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