Buying Glamping Pods

If you’re starting a glamping business or expanding your camping or glamping site, we’re here to give impartial glamping pod advice. 


Impartial Glamping Pod Advice

A Guide to Making a Purchase

We understand the investment required to start a glamping business. We've put together an independent guide to help you get a better understanding of the pods that suit your project best.

Which Pods Suit Your Project?

Sometimes the right place to start is finding out the best pods for your project before deciding who to buy from. We worked on sites that have used pods, huts and more. We've written about it too.

Let Us Recommend You

We like to keep a close eye on glamping manufacturers to make sure all glamping site owners are working with companies they can trust. We're reviewing manufacturers one-by-one.

Financing Glamping Pods

Did you know that many manufacturers offer finance? There are financing options available for glamping site owners that prove a wise return on investment, click below to learn more.


Free Download

We have put this guide together to help glamping site owners make great choices when buying glamping pods for their glamping and camping sites. This guide has not been funded or sponsored by glamping pod manufacturers in the UK. Individualised recommendations can be made, if this is what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

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