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Calum MacLeod

Glamping Industry Leader


The Process:

1) Once purchased, you receive a form to submit your queries to Calum.

2) Calum reads the form and prepares for the consultation.

3) A 45-minute meeting is arranged where Calum answers all your questions and advises you on your next steps.

Ever wanted a consultation with the leading expert in the glamping industry? Well now you can have one!

Book a call with Calum MacLeod, co-founder of Glampitect and owner of two glamping sites on the north coast of Scotland. 

Whether you want help with your site or you want to discuss the way the industry is going, you’re guaranteed to walk away from this chat full of ideas.

What You'll Get From Your Meeting With Calum

Brainstorm with the owner of award-winning glamping sites

Get ahead of the rest of the industry.

Learn what it takes to set up, operate and market a glamping business.

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About Your Consultant

Calum MacLeod

Calum MacLeod is the co-founder of Glampitect and NC500 Pods. The latter is a glamping business consisting of two glamping sites on the north coast of Scotland, with more to be added in the coming years. 

He co-founded Glampitect in 2019 after he realised that nobody was offering help to prospective glamping site owners. Glampitect is now thriving in the UK, with Calum currently working on our expansion into the Middle East.


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