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Why Get A Feasiblity Study?

It’s no surprise that the glamping industry is booming in the current climate with a surge of British holiday-makers scrambling to find the best staycations. This meteoric rise of popularity has meant we have now reached the stage where demand outweighs supply, with the UK & Ireland leading this trend. Naturally, we expect to see the industry reach a point of saturation within the next few years. With this in mind, we take great care to ensure the financial performance of our clients’ glamping sites are sustainable.

But the hundreds-of-thousands-per-year question remains: how much money do glamping businesses actually make? Using our in-depth knowledge developed through designing and running glamping sites, our feasibility studies analyse your individual site & location to project income & expenditure and an accurate calculation of profitability at the earliest stage of your glamping journey.

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Getting Started

We assist clients through all stages of their glamping journeys. Whether you have a concrete vision for your site down to the pod or simply have some land you are interested in using to create an additional revenue stream, we will work closely with you to help you realise your glamping dreams. Understanding how feasible your project is should be the starting point for the launch of a glamping site of any design or at any location. At this stage, we ensure you have a sound degree of flexibility and all the information required to discern whether your site plan is feasible.

Glamping Feasibility Study

Understanding the Scope

The feasibility study provides a comprehensive overview of everything to consider to ensure your glamping site has a successful launch. We refer to issues that will require to be addressed during the planning permission application process as well as outline a forecast of overheads and operating costs for when your site is up and running.

Glamping site return on investment

Analysing Your Potential

We calculate a realistic return-on-investment for your glamping business taking into account your initial investment, operating costs, projected occupancy, competition and market volatility. This presents you a clear picture of the time involved to recoup your investment and how your future profitability looks.

A glamping site design helps you plan ahead

Applying for Planning Permission

You’ve crunched the numbers and are excited about opening your glamping site doors and watching the bucks roll in. The next hurdle is to successfully secure planning permission approval. Using our in-depth expertise developed through working with hundreds of councils around the UK, we streamline the application process for you taking into account any issues specific to the location of your proposed site. We strive to impart a thorough understanding of the likelihood of planning permission being granted whilst advising the best ways to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

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