Glamping Building Warrant Application

Finish off your build with a your building warrant

Glamping Building Warrant Application

So it sounds scarier than it is, honest. Building warrants can be a bit of a pain, one of our team has been submitting applications for them since the start of his career and some of them have been tricky.

Now the good news, building warrant applications for glamping sites are fairly basic. Building Control are only interested in your drainage installation and any walls you have built above 600mm in height.

Building Control will require a drawing detailing that installation and they will visit site to inspect to ensure it is as submitted. Following this a Building Warrant will be issued.

Not too involved but there is still a bit of work to this essential piece of the puzzle (assuming you have drainage or a wall that needs a warrant). Some sites may be exempt, ask us if you think yours might be.

glamping building warrant application

Glamping Building Warrant Application Benefits

glamping building warrant applications

There are a lot of benefits to a glamping building warrant application:

  1. Well… you need it
  2. It ensures your design and the build are safe
  3. It ensures your build meets all regulations
  4. It’s a sensible thing to do
  5. You need it
  6. You get the picture… not very fun but very necessary