Initial Glamping Concept Design

A great start for those not quite ready to start planning

Initial Glamping Concept Design

Our initial glamping concept design packages are for people that are quite confident they like the idea of a glamping site but don’t really know how best to lay it out.

This can often lead on from a glamping site visit or feasibility study completed by Glampitect.

This services will lay out the key fundamentals of your site – your site boundaries, where your pods are, where the parking is, where any buildings or communal areas are and so on.

This will give you a good idea of how your site will look and how many pods you’ll be able to put on before going any further!

An image of a initial glamping concept design

Initial Glamping Concept Design Benefits

An image of a initial glamping concept design

There are a lot of benefits to an initial glamping concept design:

  1. See how your site will look on paper
  2. See how many pods you can fit on your land
  3. See how the site will be laid out in relation to neighbouring properties
  4. Lower cost than a glamping pre-planning or full glamping planning permission application
  5. Quickly understand how your site will look!
  6. Discuss setup with neighbours before submitting to planning to keep them on board
  7. Cheap way to start your glamping journey!

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