Glamping Pre-Planning Permission Application

The box we have to tick when planning a successful glamping site.

The smart start to your glamping planning permission journey

Glamping Pre-Planning Permission Application

This tends to be the smartest way to start your glamping journey. Glamping Pre-Planning is essentially a package with one or two drawings of your potential site and a supporting document that is submitted to your local council. They do not approve or reject at this stage, they simply advise.

The council will advise on around 15 different points, some of the most important are drainage, road planning and noise control. They will then conclude on whether or not you are likely to be successful should you proceed to a full glamping planning permission submission

This advice will shape your full planning application and therefore site, to give you the best chance of achieving planning permission.

Glamping pre-planning application when starting a glamping business in UK

The Smart Start to Your Glamping Planning Permission Journey

Pre-planning permission applications

Every local council planning department is different. Yes I know you think your local planning department is the worst, but it’s probably not. Every client we’ve ever had thinks their local council is the ‘worst’.

In our experience, none of them are all that bad. Then again, maybe that’s just because we speak nicely to them.

One thing we have definitely found is that a pre-planning application is a bit like speaking nicely to planning. It’s human nature, if someone asks for help and advice about something, the person they act will look kindly on their idea. Thus, when you submit a pre-planning application, then adhere to the advice within it, you are a lot more likely to achieve full planning than if you jump straight in.

Glamping Pre-Planning Application Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to a glamping pre-planning application:

    1. Cheaper than a full glamping planning application
    2. Quicker than a full planning application
    3. Get advice from planning to understand what they do and do not like
    4. Get planning on side with your project by working with them rather than against them
    5.  Get a good understanding of your potential site at a lower cost
    6. Get an understanding of what the council think of your proposed glamping pods manufacturer
  • It makes you comfortable that you have done everything correctly (unlike people that maybe ignore submitting a full glamping planning permission application.
  • It ensures you have a safe and sustainable design.
  • It ensures you will not have a negative ecological or road impact.
Glamping pre-planning application when starting a glamping business in UK