Glamping Services Application

Taking the hassle out of getting water, electricity and internet to your site

Glamping Water Applications

Pretty much every glamping site will need a water supply. Even if you are opting for pods that do not have shower, toilet or kitchen in them. The likelihood is that in this instance, you will need to put in a shared toilet block.

In fact, just about the only time a new water supply isn’t required is when there is existing infrastructure in place, for example a toilet block on an existing campsite. Even then it may not have the capacity and new water is required.

Glampitect can take the hassle out of dealing with your local water supplier by dealing with the applicaiton for you. This gives you a completely hands off solution for getting water.

We also complete drainage applications, however these tend to be part of a full glamping planning application.

Glamping Water and Plumbing Application

Glamping Electricity Applications 

glamping services application

Similar to water, most new glamping sites will require electricity. In general, most pods will have electricity requirements but even in sites with pods that don’t electricity can often be required on site.

Glampitect once again removes the hassle for you getting electricity to your site.

We have a background involving electrical design and can thus size and apply for your new electricity supply.

We accompany these applications with drawings to ensure they are clear and make for a smooth process for everyone.

For sites that have electricity, we can design fantastic outdoor lighting arrangements to set your site apart from the rest.

Glamping Internet Applications

Ok we’ll be honest, we hate these ones too. BT and Openreach have a monopoly on the UK for internet/phone install and they’re a total hassle to deal with.

We grudgingly take on this hassle for you and complete the application for you before following it through to install.

We own our own site – North Coast 500 Pods – and we actually use satellite WiFi and highly recommend it!

That being said we will complete applications for hard wired or satellite internet for you.

Glamping Internet Application

Glamping Services Applications Benefits

glamping services application benefits

There are a lot of benefits to our glamping services applications service:

  1. Takes the hassle out of dealing with services companies
  2. Let’s repeat – takes the hassle out of dealing with services companies
  3. Have a more streamline application process with the use of professional drawings
  4. Accurately size requirements to optimise expenditure to services companies