The answer to all your glamping site setup problems

Gain an understanding of the potential your glamping site has fast and at low cost.

  • Don't know if you will get planning permission?
  • Don't know if people will stay with you?
  • Don't know if you'll make money?
  • WE DO!

We are the industry leader in the UK for designing glamping sites and own one ourselves. Know all the answers to your questions about glamping site setup and can demonstrate them in a feasibility report format.


We are only doing limited numbers of these reports. Secure yours today and have the answers to all your glamping site setup questions within a week. For people that are seriously considering setting up a glamping site ONLY!


  • Understand just how viable your glamping site idea really is
  • Get a handle on the finances required to bring your site to life
  • View projections on the likely return on investment for your project
  • Find out the likelihood of you getting planning permission
  • Have glamping professionals on your team!
  • Bonus: our GLAMPING HOLY GRAIL document for FREE for anyone who orders before 1st November!

Here's What You'll Get

Planning Report

We will assess your local council's opinion of glamping pods by looking at recent applications.

Market Research

We will work out the highest demand pods in the area and if there is space in the market for you.

ROI Assessment

We will estimate the cost of your entire project and calculate your likely return on investment.

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