Glamping Social Media

Your shop front to millions of potential customers

Glamping Social Media

Social media isn’t taking over, it’s TAKEN OVER. We are in an age where social media is really imperative to any business that wants to be successful. Glamping businesses are no exception.

There are over a billion people active on Facebook and over 100 million active on Instagram. All those people are accessible for free, what a resource.

72% of today’s purchases are based on social media influence. That is absolutely astronomical.

A good Facebook and Instagram page simply will pay dividends in terms of bookings. We know that North Coast 500 Pods have generated £4,000 of bookings directly from Facebook in 5 months, that’s almost £1,000 a month!

You can see in the adjacent image, 16,000 of North Coast 500 Pods visitors over the last 6 months have been from social media, incredible!

Social media engagement

Glamping Facebook Page

glamping social media

From the information about, Facebook is clearly the place to be. Before going to work on glamping social media pages, we actually expected Instagram to be the best platform but Facebook wins by a mile.

North Coast 500 Pods for example have amassed 8,000 likes in a year and expect to be at 10,000 within the month.

NC500 Pods often reach 200,000 people in a month. Have you ever thought how long it would take for 200,000 to pass your pods? Facebook is the gateway, your shop front, to so many more people than can ever physically see your site.

If you produce high quality content on Facebook you simply will see massive results. It is always good to link with similar sites and share eachothers content, this will help increase traffic for everyone. Glampitect can help with this.

Glamping Instagram Page

We’ll be honest, we now see Instagram as a bit of a vanity project rather than a great business option. It is definitely still a good thing to keep up to date but if you have a decision between Facebook and Instagram, Facebook wins every time.

You can utilise your main Instagram page as well as Instagram stories and the stories can actually be more beneficial than the main page.

You can ask questions and run polls on stories that can get your audience really involved and feel like they are part of your project.

Engaging your audience is one of the most important things you can do on any social media platform and Instagram stories actually allows you to do this best!

glamping social media posts

Glamping Social Media Benefits

Glamping Social Media Data 2019 and Glamping Business Setup Website

There are a lot of benefits to our glamping social media benefits:

  1. Open your shop front to over a billion people
  2. A little more realistically, reach 200,000+ people a month as proven by NC500 Pods
  3. Get lots more bookings
  4. It costs no money and doesn’t take much time
  5. Glampitect can do it for you at a cost that will give you 5x return on investment
  6. It can be fun
  7. You have the chance to go viral which can make you have massive interest very quickly

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