Glamping Website Design & Channel Managers

Essential assets for any glamping site

Glamping Website Design

Your website is one of the most important assets your glamping business can have. Over 80% of Britons’ holidays last year were booked online, imagine turning down 80% of customers!

We have written an article on this – 9 Reasons Every Glamping Site Needs a Great Website – well worth a read!

At Glampitect, we design and build glamping websites from scratch.

We have attended courses and worked with Google to find out exactly what makes customers tick and book with you.

We create websites that flow well, linking to the final booking page and ensuring you are full year round!

See some examples of websites we have created:

North Coast 500 Pods

Cairnfold Cabins

glamping website design and channel managers

Channel Manager Setup

Glamping channel manager setup Cairnfold Cabins

A glamping channel manager is essentially a central calendar that has 2 way communication with your website and all the channels you are on (, AirBnb etc).

The channel manager keeps all the systems up to date, so if you get a booking on AirBnb for example, that slot gets blocked out on all channels.

The beauty of a great channel manager is that you take bookings whilst you sleep from lots of different streams!

See NC500Pods Channels:

  1. Their Website
  3. AirBnb
  4. Expedia

Glamping Website Channel Manager and Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to our glamping website and channel manager benefits:

  1. Take bookings whilst you sleep
  2. Therefore make money whilst you sleep
  3. Create a digital shop front – see in the next image NC500 Pods had 40,000 visitors to their site in their first 8 months
  4. Have a business – not a job
  5. Supercharge your new glamping business
  6. Automatically take payments for bookings online without you doing anything
  7. Automatically have new bookings confirmation emails sent
  8. Automatically have just about everything done, apart from cleaning (sorry)
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