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Your Website is Your Shop Front

A glamping website usually does two things: creates trust and takes bookings. A visitor should be able to find everything they want to know feel confident in booking with you.

Why Do You Need a Website

There are so many ways a website can support your brand, build your reputation and get you more bookings year on year. Some glamping business owners rely soley on third party OTAs.

Don't Wait

Websites can be simple but they need to be effective too. As soon as you start your glamping business you can start marketing it, we recommend getting started sooner than later!

Where You Can Grow

Your website is your biggest asset to growth. Saving you time by allowing your future guests to find you, learn about you and book their stay from wherever they are at any time of the day or night.


Getting marketing and branding right is one of the most important things for any business wanting to be successful, not just glamping businesses.

When you hear the words Coca Cola, what do you think?

  1. Red and white
  2. Santa’s sleigh at Christmas

That’s marketing and branding. Well actually it’s branding and marketing if we’re going in order.

Red and white is the brand, as soon as someone mentions Coca Cola they know it, when they see the colours in the shop, they know it’s ‘Coke’ and not Pepsi!

Satnta’s sleigh at Chrismas is marketing, they invoke emotions of happiness through Christmas and Santa and get people to associate that with their product. When you here the jingle of the advert, you know you’re going to see the Christmas lorry. People now flock to see it when they visit towns. And that warm fuzzy feeling people get? They associate that back to the brand Clever, right?

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What is Glamping Branding?

The key to branding is consistency. Every aspect of your business should have a similar look and feel from top to bottom.

In the case of a glamping business, your glamping website should match your logo colours, which should match signage around the sight, which should match things right down to the notes you leave your guests on arrival.

The objective here is to have people comfortable and familiar with your brand.

Consistency and familiarity allows people to trust in your product and be confident that what they are seeing from you is what they will get. 

At North Coast 500 Pods, they have welcome notes that exactly match the colouring of their website, logo, signage and more. This makes people feel at home right from the start.

Glampitect can assist with all aspects of branding, making it look easy and simple whilst creating consistency throughout your glamping business.

Glamping Marketing

This is the moneymaker. You know how the old saying goes, ‘you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’. What are the chances of the horse drinking if you didn’t even take it to the water? Pretty small.

This is similar to a business without a marketing strategy and implementation. If you have a fantastic glamping site with all the best of facilities but nobody knows you are there, how are you supposed to get any bookings? In short, you probably don’t.

To get bookings people need to be aware of you and that’s all that marketing is. It puts your name out there, gets people to know you, understand what you are offering and ultimately book with you.

There are a few marketing strategies listed below and Glampitect can help with them all!

Types of Glamping Marketing

There are a few marketing strategies listed below and Glampitect can help with them all!

Social Media

We’re starting with the one we all love (or hate). Hate it or love it, social media makes money. 89% of people’s purchases are now influenced by social media. Getting yourself visible on social media gets you bookings.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ever wondered how people get to the top of Google? It’s SEO. SEO is essentially optimisation throughout your website and consistent actions like blogging to tell Google what you’re all about.

Pay Per Click

You can do PPC with Google, Facebook and more. You essentially set your targer market, prepare and advert for them and publish it. Whenever anyone clicks it, you pay Google/FB a few pence.

Glampitect can assist with all these and lots more!

Benefits of Glamping Marketing

There are a lot of benefits to our glamping marketing & branding benefits:

“For every problem there is a solution and we believe Glampitect is the solution for everyone looking to start a glamping business.”

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