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Now You've begun, it's time to Bring Your Feasibility Study To Life

Congratulations on finishing the Glampitect Academy Incubator! Now you’ve gained some headway into starting your own glamping business, we’re offering you the chance to take that extra step further. By signing up to our Accelerator Academy! 

What is the accelerator?

The Accelerator is our new course in the Glampitect Academy, for those who are energised to get their glamping business underway but still need that helping hand from the experts. With the accelerator, we will not only train you in the next steps of your glamping business journey but we will carry out and complete your very own feasibility study

For the price of £497 + VAT you will be enrolled onto the Accelerator Academy, a four-week course with a feasibility study included. This means the course works out for FREE when accounting for the costs of a feasibility study. Don’t miss out on this chance, the Glampitect Accelerator has limited availability as we only have 5 spaces available! 

This is to ensure that we can keep this course tailored to you and your specific site.

Why Sign Up?

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The Accelerator Timetable

Week 1
Training and Information Gathering

Week 2
Feasibility Study Creation

  • We teach everything that is needed for the most successful feasibility studies
  • We discuss the potential changes that you might have made to your glamping site plans since the first Academy course.
  • Going through your potential site and getting your information to create a study that’s tailored to you.
  • Time to relax! We get straight to work on creating your feasibility study. 
  • We use our glamping expertise and knowledge of setting up a glamping site to create a study that gives the most accurate idea of how feasible your project is.

Week 3
Group Assessment

Week 4
1.1 Review With Calum

  • Going through each course members feasibility study and it’s findings.
  • Overall suggestions and ways to improve your glamping site based off of the findings.
  • Learn your site’s potential ROI
  • Q&A session
  • Going through your feasibility study individually with Calum.
  • An in-depth review of the findings with suggestions and potential amendments for the future of your site.
  • Discover the ways that Glampitect could assist you further in setting up your Glamping site.

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Only 5 Spaces available

Still Unsure? Talk To The Experts