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We understand the need for many to get help when starting a glamping business, which is why we are running our own Business Incubator, to help others with their glamping endeavours.

The Glampitect Business Incubator will take place across four weeks in 2021, and include many different things for you to learn from and gain knowledge on relating to glamping. For those wanting to start their own glamping business, this is going to help you tremendously with your future in the glamping industry.

Refresh Your Knowledge Before Starting a Glamping Business

We understand how hard it can be when starting a glamping business. There are many things to take into consideration and remember throughout the process, and mistakes are easily made.

By joining our Glampitect Business Incubator, you can learn more about what is needed to start a glamping business and get many opportunities to ask us, the experts, on all the important questions that you have in mind. With Glamping being relatively new, it is easy to get confused with all the jargon and terminology you may not be familiar with. We can bring your knowledge up to date with everything there is to know about starting a glamping business. 

Entering our Glampitect Business Incubator application will inform us of your desire to join the incubator. Please note that there are only ten spaces available for you to join the Incubator. If you are interested in joining to learn more about how YOU can start a glamping business, enter your details into the application form. 

What Will Be Included in the Glampitect Business Incubator?

Week 1


Week 2

  • Getting to know you and your site (to ensure the course is best suited to the participants)
  • Learn what you need from us and what you can gain from our course
  • Who are Glampitect and what we do to help people when Starting a Glamping Business
  • What is involved in the planning process (discussing pre-planning applications, what to include and how to do them)
  • Full planning applications, how to make yours the best and what to watch out for
  • Discussion on planning timescales and overall project timescales
  • Q&A session

Week 3


Week 4

  • Detailing information that should be on websites and showing good examples
  • Showing how a channel manager system works 
  • Discussing social media and how best to utilise it to gain visitors
  • Exploring other marketing options (SEM, SEO, Marketing Emails etc)
  • Q&A session
  • Understanding the feasibility of your glamping site
  • Planning the next steps to accelerate your glamping dreams
  • Return on Investment discussions
  • Q&A Session

“For every problem there is a solution and we believe Glampitect is the solution for everyone looking to start a glamping business.”

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