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A picture speaks 1000 words… The addition of professional visuals can be the make or break for a Glamping business startup

Why Focus On Visuals?

Glampitect Visual Site Design
Give Yourself a Sprint Start

Like starting any business, there are many ways to be successful. However, there are some things that you should just always do no matter what. For the Glamping world, having brilliant visuals is one of them. Detailed designs of your glamping site can help you in almost any stage of your glamping journey.

Do You Need Help Creating Visuals?

Many people don't realise how much is involved in getting making outstanding visual designs for a glamping site. Using a mixture of sketch work and CAD rendering we help glamping site start-ups bring their site to life. With our help, we can show what your site can look like before you begin building.


See Your Site From Any Angle

Our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) renders can give you images of your site from angles that would not be possible on foot or without a drone/high spec camera equipment.

We want to bring your project to life from the get-go, that’s why we put a large emphasis into our visual designs. Showcase your project to everyone by giving them a birds-eye view. Show your site in all it’s glory before it’s even built!

Glamping site design, CAD render in Migdale
Glampitect's growth in Dubai gains national media coverage

The Benefits of a Glampitect Visual

As we’ve already said, there are many benefits of having a Glampitect visual design of your glamping site. They are perfect for all start up glamping businesses but, to break it down, we can put the benefits into three different categories.

Get start-up financing for your site, planning permission applications, marketing and sales.

Get Financing For Your Site

Show You're Serious

Taking the time to have a rendered version of your complete glamping site will show potential business partners or financiers that you take this project seriously.

Initial Concept Design

Taking the time to have a rendered version of your complete glamping site will show potential business partners or financiers that you take this project seriously.

Glampitect Visual Site Design

Getting Planning Permission Applications Accepted

Glampitect Visual Site Design
Bring Attention To Detail

Your planning permission application will be sent to a council who will rely on the level of detail you provide them. An application with visual designs can improve the chances of your application begin accepted.

Save Time On Amendments

You should always expect potential objections and amendments for your application. Visuals of your site can prevent objections from even happening, making the application process quicker.

A Boost To Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

Showcase Your Brilliance

Let your visuals become a part of your marketing arsenal. Using your designs on your website, social media or wherever you think is best is a great way to get people talking about your glamping site.

Boost Your Sales

Whether you are marketing your site before completion or when you're officially open, use your designs to hook potential customers in. Great looking designs will help in increasing bookings.

Glampitect Visual Site Design

The Design Gallery

Have a look at some of the designs we’ve created for our clients, helping them visualise their project and ensuring their planning permission application is successful.

Ready To See Your Site Come To Life?

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