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How to Start a Glamping Business

In this article we will discuss from start to finish how to start a glamping business from scratch. We do this from the perspective of both glamping site designers and glamping site owners. At Glampitect we are both glamping site designers and glamping site owner. This means we can give a great multiview insight to this topic.

What Do You Need to Start?

Technically you can start a glamping business from scratch with nothing. However there are a few things you need before you can get in touch with companies house and register your business.


So this is a fairly obvious one. You need somewhere to put your pods. In general, we would expect that someone planning to start a glamping business already has control of the land they plan to put the their pods on. Should this not be the case, a good place to start to find land is on Right Move or similar online estate agents. 


Empty Land Needed to Start a Glamping Business

A good rule of thumb when deciding how many pods can fit on a piece of land is that you should have ~250m2 of land per pod. We have seen sites with less than 200m2 of land per pod so it is possible to go smaller. 

For the purposes of example, we will look at a site with 4 pods on it. So for this, we would recommend 1000m2 for the entire site. 


Another thing that is obviously essential when starting a glamping business is money. Again this is something that could be found pre-start rather than having it in the first place. To do this you would need to have an excellent relationship with a bank as they are reluctant to give money to start ups in general.

The amount of money needed to start your site is depending greatly on the level of groundworks required as well as the level of finish you desire. As a general rule of thumb you should expect the entire site to cost ~£40k per pod. We would suggest this cost is +/- £10k depending on groundworks and site finish.

So based on our example of 4 pods, we would expect you would need around £160k to set up.

How to Start a Glamping Business

So you have the land and money in place.. now for the next steps:

  1. Register your business with companies house.
  2. Set up a business bank account.
  3. Begin siteworks – use a local groundworks contractor.
  4. Order your pods, see our recommended manufacturers here.
  5. Revisit our blog, how to start a glamping business to remember the rest.
  6. Get a website set up, this can be done here.
  7. Set up a channel manager for bookings to link to etc.
  8. Set up Facebook, Instagram etc and heavily market the site.
    • This step is essential to your businesses success.
  9. Once siteworks complete and pods are delivered, start to welcome guests.
  10. Clean pods between each set of guests.
    • You can do this yourself or employ someone to do it.
    • Expect to pay around £30 per pod clean.
  11. Continually post on Facebook and Instagram to get more custom.

Glampitect can help with all aspects of starting a glamping business (other than finding the money and the land).

See more about our glamping site setup offerings here

We worked on the design and set up of North Coast 500 Pods, North Coast 500 Accommodation.  The image above is of their completed site. Could you picture this site on the land you are planning to start a glamping business on?

Birdseye View Farm Glamping Site

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