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How to Solve Issues That Come Up When Starting a Glamping Business

New glamping businesses are popping up all over the UK. What was once a trend in the early 2000s is now a fully-fledged industry within the UK. Starting a glamping business has never been a better idea.

When starting any business, issues can arise and it can be tough to settle them. The Glamping business is no easy game and it is important to think pragmatically when working in the industry. From planning to finance, many people getting into business for the first time will have issues when starting a glamping business.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can solve issues that come up when starting a glamping business, and prevent them from happening in the first place. This is a must read for those who are currently thinking about starting a glamping business.

Remember to Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is common when starting any business, so it should be a given that when starting a glamping business, a business plan is necessary for you to stay on track and head towards success.

Writing a business plan can help you reach your goals, and thoroughly get there without having any issues arising. There will be bumps in the road with any business, but if you plan ahead accordingly, you can avoid many of these obstacles from happening in the first place.

Our free guide on starting a glamping business has a specific section to writing a business plan, that can help you on what you should include and what you need to leave out.

Make Sure that Your Planning Permission Application is Pristine

When starting a glamping business, planning permission is a necessary step in order to build your site on purchased or rented land. It is an important part of your business’s journey and must be done in order to start your glamping business.

Issues can arise from this if it is not done correctly. It can take a lot longer, and the councils may deny your application completely if it has not been done properly. This means that you should take every step necessary to complete the application accordingly, in order to avoid any issues that may come from it.

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Focus on Your Customers

Many people when getting involved with business tend to focus on the financial aspect of things, instead of the main drive of your business, which would be the customers. Instead of focusing on profit, make the main point of your business to focus on your customers and appeal to them.

This will likely result in two things:

  1. Less issues arising from customer dissatisfaction 
  2. More profit for your business in the long run


This is due to the fact that when appealing to your customer base, you are in-turn creating relationships with these customers who are going to feel positively about your company. This will result in more profit in the long-term and less issues coming from customers being unhappy.

It is important to understand this when starting a glamping business as the focus is on the customers who are staying at your glamping site, so be sure to keep this point in mind when you are getting involved with business.

We Can Help You with Starting a Glamping Business

Business and entrepreneurship tends to be an individual based lifestyle, with people focusing on themselves a lot and wanting to do things their own way. Thinking with this mindset can be useful at times, but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with getting some help on the way. That’s why we offer a free guide on starting a glamping business, check it out and see what you think! If you have any other questions, or would like to turn your glamping dream into a reality, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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