Start a Glamping Business

The Process to Start a Glamping Business

We offer a full range of glamping site design services. From initial concept design, to glamping site planning permission, project management and online services. You can see some of our services here, please contact us if you would like to have a chat about any of them.

A great example of a site that benefited from our services is North Coast 500 Pods. We worked on their project from conception to completion.

Initial Concept Design

This is the best bit! We work with you to come up with a concept that you love. We plan the layout of your glamping pods and site features.

Pre-Planning Applications

When it starts to get real... pre-planning is when your site design gets submitted to planning to see if it is a feasible idea. We can take care of this.

Full Planning Applications

A crucial part of any glamping site design process. We design and submit your full package for your glamping site design. Then it's time to start the build!

Services Design & Applications

This can often be one of the trickiest parts. Having service engineering experience in our team is great here. We can apply for all services for you.

Building Warrant Applications

Another crucial part of any glamping site design. We take care of applications to building control for drainage building warrants.

Project Management

Now it's really real. We take your glamping site design from concept to construction. We can get as involved as the project requires.

Website Design & Build

Sometimes this can get overlooked by glamping sites. Websites are extremely important for any business in 2019. We can take care of this.

Social Media Packages

Is social media a bit confusing for you? We can take care of setup, management and content posting. A social media turnkey solution!

Marketing & Branding

Another part of glamping sites that can sometimes get overlooked. People can only come and stay with you if they know about you.. we can help!

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