Starting a Glamping Business

Starting a glamping business can be daunting, we should know as we’ve done it! We’ve created these resources to help.


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Starting the Right Way

Like starting any business, there are many steps to starting a glamping business. Many you can do by yourself (and some need expert help), alternatively you might want all of it to be managed by experts. Download our guide to see what's needed.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Many people don't realise how much is involved in getting planning permission for a glamping site, especially if it's your first glamping site. We've put together a blog so you can see if your site needs planning permission to get started.

Getting Bookings

Before you've even started with glamping site design and planning you might already be thinking about your guests. In our experience you're right to make early moves to line up your marketing and bookings. We can help advise you on the best fit for you, we can even manage all of this for you.

Investing in Glamping Pods

You might be thinking that a large investment is required to start a glamping business. That isn't true for everyone. There are financing options available for glamping site owners that prove a wise return on investment, click below to learn more.

Everything you need to know about starting a glamping business

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We didn’t thinking we could cover everything on the website, or even on 100 blogs! We’ve broken the essentials down into steps so that landowners and entreprenuers alike can digest and follow them to start a glamping business. If you’re already on that journey, make sure you don’t miss anything by downloading this guide today. 

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How to get started with a glamping business

Starting a glamping business has 9 distinct steps, split into groups of 3.
The first group is the planning stage, the second is the build stage and the third is the online stage. There is also 1 pre-start step – the feasibility study.

To start a successful glamping business, each of these steps needs to be carried out well, including, if not especially the online stages.

See each of the steps to start a glamping business just below or jump a bit further down the page to get a bit more detail.

Glamping Feasibility Studies

Starting a new glamping business is a big investment and the good news is you don't have to jump into the unknown.

Initial Concept Design

This is the best bit! We work with you to come up with a concept that you love. We plan the layout of your glamping pods and site features.

Pre-Plannings Applications

When it starts to get real... pre-planning is when your site design gets submitted to planning to see if it is a feasible idea. We can take care of this.

Full Planning Applications

A crucial part of any glamping site design process. We design and submit your full package for your glamping site design.

Glamping Services Design

This can often be one of the trickiest parts. Having service engineering experience in our team is great here. We can apply for all services for you.

Building Warrant Applications

Another crucial part of any glamping site design. We take care of applications to building control for drainage building warrants.

Project Management

Now it's really real. We take your glamping site design from concept to construction. We can get as involved as the project requires.

Website Design & Build

Sometimes this can get overlooked by glamping sites. Websites are extremely important for any business in 2020. We can take care of this.

Social Media Set Up

Is social media a bit confusing for you? We can take care of setup, management and content posting. A social media turnkey solution!

“For every problem there is a solution and we believe Glampitect is the solution for everyone looking to start a glamping business.”

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