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Glamping Feasibility Study – The Answer to All Your Questions

Starting a glamping business is a long process that requires a thorough understanding of the glamping industry and how it works. You will need to complete many different tasks over the process, including your planning permission application, purchasing glamping pods, designing your glamping site and more.

It is possible to complete these tasks with little experience, but it can be hard to determine subsequently if your glamping business is going to be successful and profitable. It can be a financial nightmare setting up a glamping business and it would be a terrible experience to start a glamping business, only to have no customers want to visit.

What you need is a glamping feasibility study, which can help you determine whether your glamping site is going to be successful. In this article, we will discuss the process of a glamping feasibility study and what completing one would do for your business going forward.

What is a Glamping Feasibility Study?

A Glamping Feasibility Study is the process of studying the plan for your business, what you are going to include and how you are going to execute it, and determining whether your business is going to be successful or profitable enough.

Many people complete Glamping Feasibility Studies beforehand as it gives them a rough idea of what your glamping site will look like in the future.

Whether the study is a success or not, it then gives you enough time to change your plan going forward and make tough decisions earlier in order to get your glamping business right from the start.

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Get Answers To All Of Your Glamping Business Questions

You can complete a glamping feasibility study online yourself, or with help from an industry expert. Typically, in a glamping feasibility study you will be asking the following questions. Here are the questions and how we would work out the answer for you:

Will My Glamping Idea Make Money?

At Glampitect, we use our experience in the industry and knowledge from designing in order to analyse your proposed glamping site idea. We analyse sites that are close to your area and compare them to yours to work out a fair price and occupancy rate for your glamping site.

This will subsequently tell us if your glamping site is going to be profitable or not depending on your expenses.

Will My Site Gain Planning Approval?

To work out whether your glamping site will gain its planning permission, we use our experience of dealing with local councils all across the United Kingdom to work out the probability of your glamping idea achieving planning approval. 

We analyse local planning applications for projects that are similar to yours and determine from there whether it is likely that you are going to get your planning permission accepted.

How Much Will My Site Cost to Build?

For here, we again draw on our experience designing and owning glamping sites across the country to work out the cost of building your glamping site. This is dependent on the information that you give to us regarding manufacturing and other necessities in order to run your glamping site.

Give us the information regarding your glamping site and we will subsequently tell you an estimated cost of how much it will need to be built.

Glampitect Feasibility Study Testimonials

glampitect testimonials

We have had many positive responses from customers after giving them the right feasibility study for them to start their glamping business stress-free.

Elaine said to us:

“Thanks for sending across the feasibility study so quickly. We were blown away by the information in it and how well it was presented. I’m going to sit down with the family over the next week to discuss the study and our next steps for the project.”

We were also told by Gordon:

“Very impressed with the feasibility study thanks for a rapid turn around with it. As you say it takes time to digest and look forward to speaking next week. A great amount of information was included that has really clarified a lot of things in my head.”

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